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What makes Alwyn and Courthouse special #4

Alwyn and Courthouse are 3 form entry schools which means we have 3 classes in each year group.  The capacity of the schools combined is 630 children which makes us larger than the average primary school.  With size comes resources.  We have a lot of space across the two schools including a wonderful Reception garden, two pond areas, 3 playgrounds and a large field, not to mention the swimming pool!  But these aren’t the important things - it is the people that make a school and we share some of the best teachers and leaders that I have worked with in almost 20 years in education.  The expertise that Alwyn and Courthouse shares in our team is phenomenal.


Expertise in teaching is one thing but our team also have expertise in the children that they teach.  Children are known well by a number of different adults; not just their class teacher and and teaching assistant but senior leaders and other adults in each year team.  Having more adults that care and know children so well ensures a feeling of safety and belonging.  Children have great relationships with multiple adults; adults who know their name; adults who know what’s important to them; adults invested in their learning and wellbeing.


And this is what makes us special.  We have the resources of a large schools but the feel of a small school.