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Every child flourishing


Our aim at Courthouse is for every child to flourish.  We strive to create the conditions for staff flourishing, for family flourishing and for community flourishing so that the children of Courthouse are well rounded with individual areas of expertise and choices open to them for the next phase of their education.


We value the pursuit of knowledge, doing the right thing and leadership and team work.  We encourage children and staff to pursue knowledge at every opportunity and this is best done through talkinglistening and reading.

Our value of doing the right thing relates to the decisions that every child and adult makes each day.  We encourage everyone to do the right thing, even if it is difficult.  Our rules relate to our value of doing the right thing too: be readybe respectful and be safe.

Our value of leadership and teamwork helps us to develop future leaders and teach children to work effectively in a team.  To realise this value, we encourage children to adopt the habits of protection - leaders stand up for others who may not have a voice; inclusion - leaders go out of their way to include others who find themselves on the periphery; and service - leaders do things for others to make their lives a little easier.

Our vision and values translate into a knowledge rich curriculum, informed by research and designed with the intent of closing the gap between the advantaged and the disadvantaged.  This curriculum sets out the knowledge and understanding that children will acquire in their time at Courthouse and is a necessary precursor to critical thinking, analysis and creativity.


Children flourish when they experience an inspiring, rich curriculum but also through developing a broad range of character virtues.


Intelligence plus character.  That is the goal of true education.

Dr Martin Luther King Jr


We create conditions for children to develop character virtues and give them opportunities to apply those virtues throughout school life.  These underpin our expectations of how children behave and the habits that they develop.  We aim to encourage resilienceconcentrationkindnesshard work and integrity.


Visits to Courthouse are warmly welcomed.


Mr Nick Hart