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Supporting maths at home

We have recently bought Complete Maths Tutor for all pupils at Courthouse.  


Why have we signed up for Compete Maths Tutor? 

Hundreds of schools around the country have signed up for TUTOR because they share our belief that: 

  • Every child has the potential to succeed in maths 
  • Every child deserves access to the benefits of one-to-one tuition. 

Private tuition is widely believed to be the best most effective way of helping pupils improve in maths because it is personalised teaching from subject specialists, but the high cost means it can be too expensive for many families.


TUTOR is our response to this problem: hyper-targeted maths teaching, delivered by expert teachers. 


How will my child benefit from Tutor?  

Signing up to TUTOR will help your child by giving them: 


  • The opportunity to explore a world-first ‘map of maths’, taking them at their own pace from counting to calculus 
  • A platform that uses this map to spot missing knowledge so your child can learn more effectively in class 
  • Hundreds of hours of clearly-explained instructional videos, including step-by-step worked solutions — so you don't need to worry when you want to help with maths homework! 
  • A sequence of learning based on the best evidence, containing regular quizzes to check your child’s understanding, and help them remember important ideas 
  • Awards to incentivise them to keep learning, and celebrate their success 
  • Easy access for teachers and parents to follow pupils’ progress through their course 


What do I need to do at home?  

Once children have completed a diagnostic quiz work will then be recommended in line with their ability. Many children at Courthouse will have already done this in school. Children can then work through the videos, quizzes and TUTOR lessons to practise their maths skills.   


Complete Maths Tutor 

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