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At Courthouse we welcome the local community and we have a variety of places to let out for clubs or on-going events.


We have two halls that are connected, a large field, two playgrounds and classrooms available. 


Lettings rates applied to frequent/group booking as of 1/09/2022


                                                                     Day Rate                          Evening/Saturday                      Sunday

Use of Hall/ Dining Hall                                   35.00                                35.00                                        46.00

Use of any classroom area                             18.00                                21.00                                         21.00

Use of field or playground                               24.00                                26.00                                         26.00


The dimensions for the halls are:

  • Dining Hall: 15mx9m

  • Main Hall: 14.8mx11.7m

The average classrooms dimensions are 6.6mx6.6m, but do vary in size across the school.