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The Alwyn and Courthouse Federation

Alwyn Infant School and Courthouse Junior School are part of the same federation.


We are two separate school with the same leadership team and governing board.  Mr Hyatt is the Executive Headteacher across both schools, with Ms Grierson the Head of School at Alwyn and Ms Hayes the Acting Head of School at Courthouse.


This is a wonderful development for the community.


Children get:


  • Everything that is special about Alwyn and Courthouse in a cohesive education from Reception to Year 6
  • Longer and better relationships with the adults at both schools who are invested in them
  • The excitement and nostalgia of mixing between the schools


Families get:

  • An easy, stress-free transition from infant to junior school - children at Alwyn get a priority place at Courthouse
  • Consistent communication systems from one school to the next
  • Plenty of amazing community events across the year


Children at Alwyn are happy, safe and learn lots.  Children at Courthouse flourish academically, socially and in the arts.


Our values set us apart from every other school.  We value building belonging.  We know that if every child and every family feels like they belong to Alwyn and Courthouse, children are more likely to be happy, feel safe and to flourish.  We value showing kindness.  We know that being kind to others not only makes our schools wonderful places for children to learn (and adults to work!), but it is also good for children's (and adults'!) mental health and wellbeing.  And we value doing the right thing.  As children get older, they must learn to understand right from wrong and be brave enough to do the right thing, even when that might be the hardest thing to do.


Whether you're looking for your child's next school place, whether you're part of our local community or you've heard about us from afar, we'd love or you to visit and see what we do.