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What makes Alwyn and Courthouse special #3

Alwyn and Courthouse have had a joint PTA for many years and the work that we do ensure that we are more than just a federation of two schools - we are a community.


Bringing people together

The PTA runs all sorts of events throughout the year.  For all the family there are the Christmas and Summer fairs and a couple of fun runs.  For the children, there are events such as discos and for the adults, a quiz night, a craft and pamper night and even a netball and football tournament.  This year we want to do more though.  We aim to celebrate a wider range of cultural and religious events including Diwali, Chinese New Year, Holi and Eid ul Fitr.  Watch this space!


Supporting our families

The cost of uniform can add up - they all grow out of things so quickly!  You can buy pre-loved uniform at a huge discount from the PTA website here.


Beyond the community

We are also conscious of our wider responsibilities.  We run clothes collections for all your unwanted garments which will make journeys all over the world starting their new life! This can be a purpose built second hand store in Eastern Europe or South America, or a market stall in East or West Africa, providing valuable employment for importers, warehouse staff, transport companies and stall holders as well as affordable clothes for local people.


Raising money

At the heart of what we do is fundraising for the schools,  With your help, we have raised tens of thousands of pounds over the years to spend on the children on things like climbing equipment, author visits, theatre trips and pantomimes.


Get involved yourself - support our schools and join our wonderful community!