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Year 6 Curriculum

Curriculum details for Summer Terms 5 and 6.


May 2013

Dear Parents,

Year 6 Terms 5 & 6

With SATs taking place during week commencing May 13th, the Year 6 team is focussing on revision and test preparation, so that the children will feel confident and calm during the tests.

For the rest of the academic year, we will continue with the normal curriculum and our work towards transition to secondary school. We will be meeting with teachers from local comprehensive schools to discuss your child’s progress and any specific needs on transition.

As always, if you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Yr 6 team.

This is an overview of the school curriculum until July.


English lessons will be taught daily, before and after the SATs, and it is still important for the children to read daily and to be heard read regularly, with home reading playing a significant part.

Being able to read different text types, from a variety of genre, along with inference and deduction skills is an integral and essential part of school life, which will continue at secondary level.

We continue to focus on the three main areas of writing: sentence structure and punctuation, the structure of different text types and composition and effect.  



Maths lessons will also happen daily.  Maths Revision sessions will finish this week but we will have some slightly longer lessons until the SATs.

After the tests, we will continue to move children forward in all aspects of the maths curriculum, with topics being taken from the three main areas of number, shape and space and data-handling units. Concepts are revisited.

Tables and mental strategies also continue to be a focus and all children are expected to consolidate and maintain, through regular practice, a quick and accurate knowledge of their tables.



This term, instead of our usual local study of Maidenhead, we will be working towards transition to secondary school.

We will also include some aspects of where we live in Maidenhead, the Royal Family and Family Trees and the artist Stanley Spencer, which will include a visit to the Gallery in Cookham.


Personal Projects

The personal research projects, The 1960s and A European Country, have again inspired some exceptionally creative work, with many children thriving on the challenge and setting themselves high standards.

As this is going to be a very busy term, we have decided that there will not be a personal research project. 



The main focus for these terms will be the integral Science and IT project of making powered cars. Your child will plan, design and build an electrically powered car – using a variety of tools and electrical circuits.

The completed vehicles will be evaluated and raced against each other.



In ICT we continue to develop the children’s confidence, knowledge and understanding of programmes and functions. They will be introduced to movie maker, to enable them to produce a multi-media presentation. Also, the children will be learning about control and monitoring, whilst learning the basics behind making a simple computerised game.



This term, we will be exploring ‘Relationships’ , ‘Achievements’ and ‘Transition Topics’, during our PSHE lessons. These units continue to focus on self-reflection and how to cope with the move to a new school.

Children are encouraged to recognise the abilities, strengths and weaknesses of themselves and others and what they can do to make the transition easier.

Again, these units of work will be introduced and concluded during whole school assemblies.



Areas of study may include: ‘The Scream’ by the Norwegian artist Edvard Munch, and meaning behind the Expressionist style used in the picture.

The Dance pictures by the French artist Degas and works by the local artist Stanley Spencer, with a visit to the Spencer gallery at Cookham.


Physical Education

The swimming pool should be up and running and lessons will focus on enjoyment and confidence in the water and the improvement of strokes.

All children will need appropriate swimwear: no bikinis or beach shorts please. .  

A range of summer games will be taught and may include: rounders, soft-ball, quick- cricket, short- tennis or stool- ball.



The children will continue to sing regularly and appropriate techniques will be taught. These sessions will include songs from the traditional and modern folk repertory.

Composition groups will also continue.

The Summer Music Concert in July is for members of choir, orchestra and ensembles. This is a celebration of their achievements.



  • Cookham:    June 6th & 7th – the classes will be split over the two days.              
  • BA Education Centre:    6M   June 18th / 6S   June 19th / 6A    June  20th


Final Class Assemblies

  • 6S      July 16th
  • 6M     July 17th
  • 6A      July 18th


Leavers’ Party

July 23rd


We hope that you find this information useful.


Year 6 Team

Mrs. Williams         Mrs. Stevenson       Mr. Matthews      Miss Masters

( Year Leader)