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"Every Child Flourishing"
from 1954 - first courthouse magazine

The Early Years



Snippets taken from the the first Courthouse Magazine 1954




















and finally an interesting advert in the back of the magazine

3/- is three shillings (or three bob).

There were 12 pennies (12d) in a shilling, and 20 shillings in a pound (and so 240 pennies in a pound)

A pint of milk cost about 2d around this time.


To the left:

The money in those days.



The Coins are

one penny (1d) and  one halfpenny 1/2d


half crown (2/6)   florin (2/- )  one shilling (1/-)  and 

sixpence (6d) Threepenny bit (3d)




And while we are on the subject of the old money, here is an extract from the PTA book showing the Balance sheet from a  PTA social in 1953.