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History of Swimming pool


Our Swimming pool

We have found out some of the early history of our school swimming pool by reading the Courthouse School Magazine which was started in the 1950s, shortly after the school opened in 1953. Also a very well documented PTA notebook has provided other information including clips from the local newspaper.


The following is a scan of a local newspaper clip that is pasted in the P.T.A .book.



Here is another scan of a local newspaper clip that is pasted in the P.T.A .book.

The following was published on page 7 of issue  NO 4 WINTER 1955


The Swimming Pool was declared officially open on June 14th 1956 (the school Open Day), although the pool had been in use for some days. Here are some photos of the event as published in the school magazine issue  NO 6 WINTER 1956.

There is only a wire fence around the pool so it would have been very chilly on a dull windy day.


According to an article (page 13) by Lesley Dewell (aged 9) and Geoffrey Bevitt (aged 10), lessons were three times one week then twice the following week and half an hour was allowed for each lesson. Classes in the upper school had the water to its full depth.



The photo below was published in the issue NO 10 WINTER 1958. It appears to have been taken from the end upper classroom and so gives a good view of the school boundary with Oaken Grove and of the area which is now the environment area which includes a pond.

Notice also that the fence has been partly closed in to provide some protection from the wind.




These two photographs were published in magazine NO 12 WINTER 1959.


The top photo shows the busy pool on Open Day. Children were also taught to dive as well as swim. These days diving is not allowed in the pool for safety reasons.


The photo on the left shows some "1ST YEAR ALL SWIMMERS". (ie some Year 3 children who can swim)


In both photos you can see that the fence has now been boarded up to the top.




View from the end upstairs classroom on Open Day 1961.

A wall with windows has been built around the pool.





Open Day

A child's description of the swimming pool in 1966, as printed in the magazine.



The pool today (May 2014)

It has a roof (provided by the PTA) , and renovated changing rooms and showers.  The pool itself is the same. The water fall at the end still works but is rarely turned on.