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School Council

At Courthouse, we are proud to have a strong School Council team comprising of two representatives from each class in the School. The pupils are voted for and elected by their classmates and serve for one academic year.

Having a School Council ensures that pupils have a voice and are involved in the decision making processes about the School that will affect them. Our fortnightly meetings are an opportunity for the pupils to raise issues, share ideas and take part in discussions that involve all members reaching a democratic solution. Throughout the week, children will jot down any concerns or ideas that arise as part of wider discussions in their classrooms. These will then be discussed at the next School Council meeting as part of the agenda. The elected Chairperson will work through this agenda during the meeting whilst the elected Secretary takes the minutes. These minutes will be shared with the Senior Leadership Team so that feedback can be given on any suggestions or ideas made.

With Leadership and teamwork being a core value here at Courthouse, it is important the pupils understand their role and responsibility in working with the teaching staff and parents to ensure improvements continue to be made to the School.