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Mrs Clifford cycling for cancer 2016


Day 1 – Tuesday 1st Nov 2016 - Depart UK

Mrs Clifford left home in Maidenhead at 6am to catch flight from Heathrow to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Whilst at the airport, she was interviewed by Andrew Peach on Berkshire Radio at 8:45 live.

The recording will be available on the Berkshire Radio website for the next 30 days

- link - Gill Clifford live interview

The programme is 3 hours long so drag the bar to 01:43:10 to hear the interview.

The world map below shows her flight path.

Below - a map of Vietnam and Cambodia

Below - a map of the journey showing the mode of travel ie by plane, coach and of course by bike.


Day 2 - Wednesday 2nd Nov 2016 - arrival and getting bike


Arrived at Heathrow this morning ready for my long haul flight only to be thrust in the spotlight ha ha ha interview with Radio Berkshire.

After a long flight lasting 13 hours, we arrived in Singapore for our connection to Vietnam.  This was followed by a 3 hour coach journey through crowded streets littered with motorbikes and honking horns (see photo on right) , finally reaching our hotel 25 hours after leaving the UK.

Bike fit has been done and I have a lovely new white (doubt it will be white for long) bike.

Off for a shower and dinner then BED!

Love Mrs Clifford. "



Day 3 - Thursday 3rd Nov 2016 - Cycle day 1

" First cycle day:

Set off at 8am after a group photo and warm up exercises. We cycled along the Mekong River before turning in land onto narrow pathways winding their way through coconut fields scattered with houses, schools and businesses.  We crossed over many waterways via dodgy bridges some with several slats missing or no sides at all. (photo above)

Cycling along we met many local people and children who waved and said hello. I had my photo taken with the school children who found this very exciting. (See photo above right)

The Ferry crossings were an experience with no barriers or safety anything!!  The warm rain came a couple of times for approx 10 mins and is so heavy it hurts. Reaching the hotel was great as we were covered in mud from the off-roading and needed a shower.

Now for tea and a chill.

Love Mrs Clifford "


Day 4 - Friday 4th Nov 2016 - Cycling day 2

" Cycling Day 2 - the day started with us cycling through paddy fields (rice) in the rain, but with our ponchos on it didn't matter.

We stopped at a 'working' duck farm where they put the ducks out in the paddy fields to eat all the bugs etc in the water which helps stop the rice crops from being destroyed.

Lunch was a delicious mix of rice and vegetables.  We then left the rural villages and started along slightly busier roads where we had to have our wits about us due to the sheer volume of traffic - there are very little, if any, rules of the road!

One of our water stops had hammocks - I'd love one, they are so comfy.   After 60 hot and humid miles we reached the town of Can Tho and our first VERY nice hotel. Ahhh bed!

Love Mrs Clifford xx "




Day 5 - Saturday 5th Nov 2016 - Cycling day 3

" Cycling Day 3 - this was our last day cycling in Vietnam.  We got up at 5.15am for breakfast and then in the buses for our transfer out of the main city to the quieter country lanes - we caught up on a little sleep.

Wearing our patriotic cycling gear today we rode through beautiful countryside stopping at an amazing market where we bought our hats and made some new friends.  Lunch was interesting with fish, deep fried radish and mixed veg.

We continued on through villages and climbed a few hills giving us lovely views. At the water/rest stop I dived for a hammock to rest my legs and have 40 winks plus the smallest banana I've ever seen. Couple more hills and we reached our hotel for the night. Not as posh as last nights ha ha.

Speak to you from Cambodia tomorrow. I loved the assembly video, thank you so much.

Love Mrs Clifford. Xxx "





Day 6 - Sunday 6th Nov 2016 - Cycling (not!) day 4

" Day 4 - Vietnam to Cambodia.

Up at 5.15am today to board a "speed" boat up river to Cambodia. This took 6hrs in the pouring rain but we still loved every minute. My poncho came in handy yet again. There is so much life going on on the river banks it's truly amazing.  Health and safety was a slight issue I think on these boats, we could have done with a Risk Assessment!   teeth .

Arrived in Cambodia at lunchtime and had a fabulous meal. After lunch we visited the Royal Palace for the King of Cambodia.  When he resides here he has a special Palace next to his for his elephant! Wow....

We have new bikes ready for tomorrow, it's a black one this time. It's dark now so you'll have to wait for a photo tomorrow.

Night night

love Mrs Clifford xxx "




Day 7 - Monday 7th Nov 2016 - Cycling day 5

" Cycling Day 5 - 40 miles Phnom Penh to Kampong Cham.

Last night we went out on a Tuk Tuk to visit a night market, that was an exciting ride!

Today has been so amazing. After a 2 hour journey out of the city by bus we cycled through the countryside with houses and farms on either side. Families were coming out on the street to meet us and wave. The people are so friendly. We had our picnic lunch stop at a Monastery where we met the Monks. The boys living there played us some music (I'll share this when I return).  I showed them some photos of England which they enjoyed looking at.

Here is a picture of a local delicacy - 'tarantula'. omgNo I didn't try it!  The weather today has been unbelievably hot - phew!

Now for a shower and tea.

Love Mrs Clifford. "



Day 8 - Tuesday 8th Nov 2016 - Cycling day 6

" Day 6 - Ovarian Cancer Day today. An emotional day for us today as we lost a friend to this disease 2yrs ago. ?? 

We cycled 68 miles in 35/40 degree heat!  Very challenging day today, a few ladies ended up on the bus with heat exhaustion.

Stopping at a couple of Monasteries today was again lovely, such friendly people.   They offered us snacks (biscuits and fruit) so we sat with them in the temple for a while.

During the afternoon we had a couple of exciting moments: first a big green snake fell out of a tree overhanging the road  and nearly landed on Shellie and I, we screamed and nearly fell off our bikes!  Then entering a village we found it completely flooded so had to cycle through the water which covered the road for about a mile...I got stuck in some gravel and ended up in the water ankle deep.

Reaching the hotel about 4pm we found it had a pool (so happy). What a lovely treat after a scorching hot day.

Love Mrs Clifford xx "



Day 9 - Wednesday 9th Nov 2016 - Last Cycling day 7 - to the FINISH!

" Day 7 - The Finish - Angkor Wat - Wow!

Another early start with a 2 hour bus transfer out of the main town along very busy roads. Approx 28 miles this morning along the straight flat road to Angkor Wat.

This challenge has been mainly flat all the way. However you'd think that cycling on the flat was easy but you actually never get a break as you are continually pedalling, which in 35+ degree heat is tough going.

We cycled along the main road heading towards Angkor Wat where we stopped for a lovely lunch. As the heat started to rise we continued our journey to an emotional finish line and WOW what a finish line!  Angkor Wat, the pictures show you how amazing this place is.

Changing out of our very sweaty ?? cycling gear we were lucky enough to be given a tour of the huge temple complex. The evening was taken up with a celebration dinner, the food was delicious, and a cultural dance show.

I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone for their support and encouragement. I have truly enjoyed every minute of this  sometimes challenging experience. Our Group of 76 women raised a staggering £284,000.00!!!! for Breast, Cervical and Ovarian Cancer.  ??
Love Mrs Clifford ??. See you all soon "

Congratulations  ladies from all of us at school.

Thank you Mrs Clifford for sending your daily messages and wonderful photos. We have enjoyed following you on your journey.