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Eco Team


The Eco Group at Courthouse Junior School comprises of two pupils (a boy and a girl) from every class throughout the school, making a total of twenty four pupils.  These pupils are chosen annually by fellow class members and the group is run by Mrs. Tricia Stevenson, with meetings held during lunch times throughout the course of the year.

We try to reduce, reuse and recycle and have had previous success with the Greenredeem School Donations Programme.   We were the winning school in the Borough in July 2017 as a result of donating over 500,000 recycling points and received a cheque to the value of £1,500 to use for the adoption of endangered animals over a three year period.  We are continuing to spend a proportion of this, once more this year, adopting one animal for each class, making a total of twelve animals, in all, once more.   This will be the case again next year, also.  Toys representing the animals should be arriving with us any day now and will be distributed by the Eco Group to the various classes.

In addition, this autumn term, we are collecting any un-used pens and sending these off to Bic as part of their ‘The Writing Instruments Recycling Programme’.  The school will receive 1p for every 15 kg collected.  The Eco Group has provided each classroom with a container for collecting these and a large central container will be situated in the school library.  This will be emptied as necessary and the batch of pens forwarded to Bic.

willowtunnel1David Attenborough’s Living Planet Series highlighted the plight of the world’s oceans in terms of plastic and Green Redeem have encouraged us to have a ‘Reversible Vending Machine’ (also situated in the library) for a year into which old, clean, plastic bottles may be recycled.  The school will receive 5p for each bottle and up to 40,000 can be collected within the year.  If so, this might provide the school with a chance for a share of £2000.

Finally, Greenredeem have allowed us to apply for funding once more this year on their Greenredeem School Donations Programme.  By parents donating their recycling points to Greenredeem, once more, we will be able to have a living willow tunnel for the children to play in within the school grounds.  A living willow tunnel will provide natural shade and a natural and stimulating environment within the school.  We hope we can continue to count on parental support for this and send a huge ‘Thank You’ to our parents in advance.


Here’s what the willow tunnel should look like in the future at Courthouse Junior School.


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