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Personal Thoughts on SATs

Here are the thoughts of some Year 6 pupils as the SATs week approaches ...

A week Before

Working toward SATs had made me realise just how hard the teachers work to help and secure our level. As well as the teachers working hard, we especially (in the top English group) have been pushed to our limits to try and achieve level 6. Our homework has mounted a lot so we don’t have much free time. Especially because I play two instruments and I am making my way to do grade 5 theory so it is an especially hard time for me as well as preparing to go to a grammar school. (Jonny 6A)

Doing SATS has made me realise how far I have come in my education. I don’t feel worried about it because I think I will easily pass it with good marks. Besides, I’ll still get a breakfast, an afternoon at the park and ice cream, even if I do perform badly in my SATS. I will be aiming for a level five in maths, despite my difficulty with confidence. I would also like a level six in English. Toby (6A)

and then ...

Finally Finished


Finally, the pressure is over. After weeks of working towards the SATs, we have done it. We are all really relieved after the tests have finished and are looking forward to going to the park, swimming and watching a film. All the teachers have been working really hard to get us ready for these tests. As me and my friend Daniel were put forward to do the level six tests as well, we came home exhausted after a long day at school. The level six tests were a substantial lot harder than the level three - five, so we have been going the distance (as one of our tests was called) and have been pushed to the limit. I look forward to relaxation coming up. Andrew (6S)