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All children at Courthouse should maintain an appearance that is smart, including sensible hairstyles and clothing that is in keeping with a purposeful learning ethos. 


We expect children to wear their uniform with pride.  School uniform:

  • engenders a feeling of belonging,
  • is practical and distinctive,
  • is not distracting in class (as fashion clothing might be),
  • makes children feel equal to one another in terms of appearance,
  • reflects the sense both of community and of diversity that the school takes pride in and
  • is regarded as suitable, and good value for money, by most parents.

All clothing must be labelled with your child's name.

Boys' uniform

Courthouse Emerald green sweater*

White shirt

Green tie* (Autumn/Spring Terms - can remove for Summer Term)

Grey trousers

Grey socks (plain)

Black Shoes

Optional for summer term:

  • White Polo Shirt
  • Tailored grey uniform shorts
  • Green Baseball Cap 


Girls uniform

Courthouse Emerald green sweater or cardigan*

White blouse

Green tie* (Autumn/Spring Terms - can be removed for Summer Term)

Grey tunic/skirt/trousers or grey tailored knee length skirt-style culottes

White ankle or knee length socks (Plain)

Grey tights

Black Shoes (not slip on)

Hair bands, clips and bows should be strictly functional. (Green, black or white)

Optional for summer term

  • Green and white check or striped dress
  • Green Baseball Cap

Physical Education Kit  

House colours: Beaver - green, Eagle - blue, Lion - yellow, Owl - red.


  • Black shorts

  • Courthouse white Polo Shirt with house colours*

  • Swimming shorts

  • Swimming cap

  • White socks and trainers

  • Plain black tracksuit bottoms

  • Courthouse Green hooded sweatshirt*





  • Black shorts or plain black cycling shorts (just above knee length)

  • Courthouse white Polo shirts with house colours*

  • Swimming costume

  • Swimming cap

  • White socks and trainers

  • Plain black tracksuit bottoms (not leggings in colder months) 

  • Courthouse Green hooded sweatshirt

* Courthouse specific items can be purchased from Goyals in Maidenhead or Schooldays Direct in Taplow. Ties can also be purchased in school.

All children MUST have a swimming cap for the pool. 

Children playing for the school team will be provided with football socks, shorts and shirt or netball skirt, shirt and top, but will be expected to have their own footwear.

The school regularly holds Nearly-New Clothing Sales at times throughout the year, e.g. at our Parents' Evenings. 



Items of value such as watches are brought in to school at the children’s own risk.

The only jewellery allowed is a single pair of plain gold/silver stud earrings in pierced ears and earrings must be removed or taped up for P.E. and removed for swimming.

We ask that if children are going to have their ears pierced that this is done at the beginning of the summer holidays to allow the ears to heal.

No other form of jewellery is permitted at any time.



Makeup, including nail polish or varnish, is not permitted in school at any time.



Whilst we take into consideration culture and religion the school specifically requires that hair should be sensible and appropriate to the working environment.
The following would be considered unacceptable:

  • Shaven heads or shaved patterns in hair are not permitted.
  • Unnatural hair colours are not permitted
  • Particularly noticeable variations in colour or length of hair is not permitted. Hair should be one tone and be close to the individual student’s natural hair tone.
  • ‘Artwork’ on the scalp or eyebrows is not permitted.

For Health and Safety reasons, hair over the collar and that is at a level which could cause an accident/injury to a child should be tied back at all times and extra attention paid for PE and cookery.



The Headteacher, or a person authorised by the Headteacher, may ask a child to go home briefly to remedy a breach of the school’s rules on appearance or uniform. In making this decision, the Head (or other authorised person) will take into account the ease and time it will take, as well as the availability of the child’s parents, and such time as it takes will not be an ‘exclusion’ but an ‘authorised absence’.

Depending on the nature of the breach, the child may be kept apart from other children at times during the school day. It is unlikely that a child in breach of the school policy will be chosen/allowed to represent the school at sporting or other non-curricular activities and certain roles and responsibilities in school may be withdrawn as a result of long-term or repeated breaches of this policy.