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Swimming in our pool (5B)


Our swimming pool opens at Easter for a full summer term season of swimming. Each class has a timetabled slot for their swimming lessons and classes and groups may also use it at other free times at their teacher's discretion. All teaching staff have a shallow pool certificate, which covers Health & Safety matters, First Aid and teaching techniques. Pupils are usually in the water in small ability groups, depending on their ability to swim and their confidence in the water. Our Site Controller has passed the three-day Pool Operators License Course and keeps this up-to-date.

Please ensure your child has the correct kit for swimming, including a hat (worn by all children, irrespective of hair length).

  • Girls should wear an all in one swimming costume
  • Boys need to wear swimming shorts (not Bermuda) which are above the knee
  • A towel
  • A swimming hat

If your child has been suffering from a tummy upset or diarrhoea, then please let us know, as they should not be in the swimming pool until a safe period of time has elapsed. Your doctor can advise you of this period if the symptoms have been diagnosed. The NHS recommend 2 weeks for some illnesses. Swimming is also hard exercise for children when they have been poorly and at least 3 days should elapse after any illness in all cases to allow your child to recover their own health. Your cooperation in this matter will prevent unnecessary contamination and the passing on of upsets and illnesses. Chlorine levels in the pool are maintained to recommended standards, which quickly deals with most common bugs, but not all, hence our cautious stance. Levels are checked three times a day and we have now installed an automated system for chlorine and pH.

Swimming and Pierced Ears

Advice from the NHS is that children should not swim for 6 weeks after having their ears pierced. We adhere to this, so unfortunately, if your child has his/her ears pierced before the summer holidays, he/she will not be allowed to swim in school.

There is always an impact on P.E. and Games lessons from new piercings, so the summer holiday is the obvious time to have this done, as clearly we cannot tape ears for swimming.

      Swimming Pool Timetable Summer 2019 
























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There may be other times that the children will have the opportunity to use the pool and the teacher will advise you of this in advance.