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Home School Agreement

At Courthouse, we recognise the importance of dialogue and engagement with parents and carers. We welcome volunteers helpers in school as a way of enabling parents to view the life of the school 'from the inside'. We encourage parents to contact us if they have any concerns about their child's welfare or progress and we monitor these things closely at school too. We will involve families at the earliest stage, where we believe that working together will enable better learning. Through parents evenings, other visits and the open invitation to contact us to discuss any concern or issue, we hope to give the clear message that we are here to ilisten and take note of parents' views.

The trust and partnership that we hope to develop with the families of all pupils at school is set out in the Home School Agreement. We request that this is signed by all new entrants and periodically thereafter. It is displayed in full below and a paper copy for signing is sent out at the beginning of each academic year.


How we work together ...

The School’s Agreement:

The school will try to ensure that:

  • your child is well taught, treated fairly and well cared for.
  • home is clearly aware of the school’s behaviour policy developed jointly by governors and staff.
  • any differences in opinion are resolved through discussion.
  • parents are regularly informed of school events and developments.
  • parents are offered the opportunity to respond to regular information on their child’s progress through our consultation evenings.
  • each child has an annual report which covers all aspects of their work and progress.
  • parents have access to teachers at mutually convenient times.
  • early warning is given of any difficulties or problems with your child’s work or behaviour.
  • parents and other members of the community are invited to events and activities.


The Parent’s Agreement:

The parent(s)/carer will try to ensure that:

  • pupils attend regularly, are punctual and have the equipment they need.
  • the school is informed of any reason for absence.
  • the school is supported in its behaviour policy and positive attitudes to school are encouraged.
  • consultation evenings are attended.
  • pupils go to bed at sensible times during the school week.
  • early contact is made with the school on any matter that might affect the child’s progress.
  • the school is supplied with updated emergency telephone contact numbers.
  • any issues will be brought to the school’s attention.


The Child’s Agreement:

The child will try to ensure that they:

  • come to school each day on time.
  • bring equipment needed and look after it.
  • behave well and be polite and helpful to others.
  • do not interfere with other people’s property.
  • look after the school grounds keeping them free from litter.
  • work hard during all class work and do their best.
  • hand in homework on time.
  • go to bed at sensible times.
  • tell their teacher if anything is worrying them.