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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I see a teacher?

Phone the office to suggest some times, they'll check that the teacher will be free and arrange it for you. We try to ensure that parents can see a teacher that same day wherever possible. Should they be busy, then the Team Leader will see you. The Deputy and the Head Teacher are also available through the same process.

Why can't I just pop into the classroom before or after school?

We are a large school, with upstairs classrooms and separate teaching areas. We feel there could be health and safety issues around letting parents have unrestricted access, even when pupils aren't present. Teachers are always busy preparing for lessons, marking, etc and often need to gather their thoughts in preparation for a meeting.

At my child's last school there were always teachers in the playground at each end of the day, why doesn't this happen at Courthouse?

Actually, we do try to have members of staff outside at each end of the day, but frequently it is the Head and Deputy Head that make themselves available for parents. With 16 teachers, it would be pot luck bumping into your own child's teacher, so we prefer you phone to make an appontment.

What if my issue is urgent and can't wait?

Pop in to the office and explain. We can have someone there to listen to you within a few minutes.

My child is in year 3 and I'd really like to know how they are settling in and getting on.

Year 3 teachers do usually bring their classes out at the end of the day, so that is the best time to catch them. Please walk round to the bottle greenhouse and wait for them to appear.

Can I get to Alwyn via Courthouse?

Whilst we have no objection to parents with children at both schools moving from one site to the other, there is the alternative route through Oaken Grove Park. We discourage parents from accompanying their child in to school in the morning, as we want pupils to develop their independence. At the end of the day, please feel free to meet your child by the bottle greenhouse. Many parents also wait on the Alwyn playground, as children can leave our site using this route. The vast majority wait in front of reception.

Is it ok if I take a short cut through the building?

No, we have security measures on the main entrance door and persons entering through any other door will be challenged by staff in accordance with our safeguarding procedures. Access is restricted during the school day and parents or other adults should not be using other external doors at the ends of the day when pupils are arriving/leaving.

Are the arrangements different for new pupils to year 3 in September?

Yes, they certainly are. We try to settle new pupils in as quickly as possible, but recognise that our large school can seem a big step to take. Accordingly, we positively encourage you to come onto the playground with your child for the first week or so. You will meet the year 6 Buddies and the year three staff. You may stay with them until the bell goes and they line up to enter the building. This is a good time to make yourself known to your child's teacher and share any bits of news or matters that might not seem worthy of an actual appointment, but will help us to get to know your child and smooth the transition. We also know that it is often parents who find the step to junior school daunting, wheras children are wonderfully adaptable and quickly settle in to our routines

Do you still want classroom helpers for reading, etc even though you are a junior school?

We certainly do and new parents will be positively encouraged to volunteer. Your help is much appreciated and doesn't need to stop just because your child has changed school. Many year 3 parents welcome the chance to get involved and it does help the transition process for some pupils. We won't necessarily have you helping with your own child's class though, as this can lead to dependency issues and distract them from their work. We'll discuss this with you when you start.

What help do you need in school, I'm not sure I have anything to offer?

Almost anyone can assist in some way: you may have a particular skill or interest to share with us; hearing children read is a very useful activity; help is always appreciate for art and craft sessions; perhaps you have knowledge relating to the topic work. If you have some time to spare we'd like to hear from you.

Can I just turn up to help?

Once you are an established helper this may well be ok if your host teacher can accommodate you in this fashion, but initially you'll need to go through the processes that are detailed in the section 'Volunteers'. Most helpers have a regular routine or can give blocks of time - this may be an afternoon a fortnight, or a week when they can come in every day. There are no rules and we'll agree the pattern that suits us both at the outset, though that can alter as your circumstances change. We do reserve the right to decline your kind offer if we think pupils' learning will suffer in some way or we have other concerns - the Head Teacher will explain our reasons should this be the case (this doesn't happen often).