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We are a large school and each year group team comprises of Teachers and a number of Teaching Assistants.

 The  members of the SLT are the Head Teacher, Assistant Head, Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENDCo) and School Business Manager (SBM).

Our school office is managed by the efficient and friendly Mrs Sanderson and the premises are looked after by Mr S Cassell, our Site Controller.

All of these staff can be reached, in the first instance, on 01628 626958 or by email:

For specific financial or resource enquiries, please contact Mrs Rolfe (SBM) on that number or by email:


Staff at September 2018


Senior Leadership Team

Mr N Hart – Headteacher

Miss S Betts – Assistant Headteacher / Special Education Needs Coordinator (SENDCo)

Mrs Fiona Hayes – Part Time Special Education Needs Coordinator (SENDCo)

Mrs T Rolfe – School Business Manager (SBM)


Admin Team

Mrs R Sanderson – Officer Manager

Miss C Badcock – Finance/Admin Officer

Mrs J Bailey – Admin Assistant

Mr B Craythorne – Sports TA/Admin


Site Controllers 

Mr S Cassell

Mr J Gray


Year 3 Team

Mrs A Fitzpatrick – Team Leader & Teacher - Gandhi Class

Miss R Puslford – Teacher Simmonds Class

Mrs T Patel – Teacher Luther King Class


Mrs G Clifford – Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Gray – Teaching Assistant

Mrs K Stevens – Teaching Assistant/ELSA

Mrs L Tapponnier – Teaching Assistant


Year 4 Team

Miss S Betts – Team Leader & Teacher - Peake Class

Mrs D Paldi – Teacher Peake Class

Mrs P Stevenson – Teacher Dahl Class

Mrs S Howard – Teacher Seacole Class


Mrs B Stamp – Teaching Assistant

Mrs B Roberts – Teaching Assistant/ELSA

 Mrs C Randall – Teaching Assistant

Mrs B Ghadyali – Teaching Assistant


Year 5 Team

Miss S Cornish – Team Leader & Teacher - Van Gogh Class

Miss H Trussell – Teacher Edison Class

Mrs K Buxton – Teacher Earhart Class


Mrs K Richards – Teaching Assistant

Miss C Parker – Teaching Assistant

Mr C Woodcock – Teaching Assistant


Year 6 Team

Miss K Firth – Team Leader & Teacher - Attenborough Class

Miss F Oakes – Teacher Rowling Class

Mrs L Harvey – Teacher Austen Class


Mrs L Ridley – Teaching Assistant/Music Teacher

Mrs V Doyle – Teaching Assistant

Mrs G Seddon – Teaching Assistant

Mrs L Haldane – Teaching Assistant

Mrs S McCartney – Teaching Assistant


Cover Teachers

Miss T Siddiq – Teacher

Mrs H Dunn – Teacher



Mrs T Harvey


Mrs E Robertson – Maternity Leave