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Planting the cedar tree on the front lawn Cedar tree from then until now (2014) Hoisting the flag at official opening !953 - building complete, Courthouse School opens

School History



Courthouse School opened in 1953 with the official opening ceremony taking place in April 1954 so we recently celebrated our 60th anniversary!

We are lucky to have copies of the very impressive school magazine which was started when the school opened and continued being published for a few years until around 1967. This has allowed us to look back in time to see what Courthouse was like in the beginning and to put some of the photos and articles on our website so that, in effect, our past pupils start telling the story from the beginning of Courthouse up to the present time.

1951 - Land cleared








The above Information was taken from The Maidenhead Advertiser newspaper.

The map on the right was taken from google maps in May 2014.



1952 - School building in progress from 1952










1953 - School opened

The photo below of the new school was used as the Head Master's Christmas card in December 1953.

The school had its official opening ceremony on 7th April 1954. For photos and information about the day, please go to the Related Pages side bar on the left to visit the School officially opened 1954  page.

This newspaper clipping was found in the PTA record book:



1954 - The School Motto and The School badge logo

In the beginning, the school motto was STRENGTH, LOYALTY and a HAPPY WAY. (At a later date, it was changed to the current motto which is Respect, Enjoyment & Perseverance.)

The following excerpt from Courthouse School Magazine No.1 (1954) explains the origin of the school badge.


1954 - School Houses

Taken from Courthouse Magazine No 1 (1954)...

The following four excerpts explaining the meaning of the house names were taken From Courthouse Magazine No 5 published in Summer 1956.


1954 - The early Years at school

For snippets from the first Courthouse magazine about school life, please visit The Early Years web page  (see link in Related Pages side bar on the left at the top)


1955 - Swimming Pool



In 1955 plans were made and approved for a swimming pool at Courthouse. Half the money was raised with parent support and the pool opened in June 1956.

Please visit  the History of  Swimming pool page  for more details and photos of the pool in action over the years.



1960 - The Mural


In 1960 this mural was painted on the end wall in the hall.

Please visit the Mural in the Hall page for photos of the painting in progress and information about its origin (see Related Pages in the side bar on the left) 





We hope to gradually add more information from the archives when time permits!