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School Development Plan

Each year, we produce a development plan for the school. Lots of things guide us in deciding what to focus on, including pupils' needs, curriculum matters, Health & Safety advice, parental suggestions and concerns, including those raised by the Parent Forum, and improvements we identify that will enahnce the learning experience of pupils and staff, improve facilities or increase site security.

An overview of our current development plan, which runs from summer 2012 to summer 2013 can be found in the side bar. Last year's Development Plan is also available.

The Development Plan links in to the school budget, which runs with the financial year (not the academic one). Of course, many of the issues we tackle have limited impact on our budget or are of such importance that we have to give them high priority. For the rest, we always seek to get best value for our money and focus on the impact they will have on pupils' learning.

If the thought of getting involved with the growth and improvement of our school interests you, then why not consider standing as a school governor when the opportunity arises? Vacancies are advertised across the school community whenever they occur and there is no better way of being involved in the strategic direction and shaping the future of Courthouse.