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NOTICE - our website has been down for the last few days due to a server error with our host company 1 to 1. Unfortunately, much recent data has been lost and they are not able to replace it. This means that much of the website is out of date and we have to ask you to bear with us whilst we replace lost files, images and pages. Please contact the school office regarding any queries about material that you would normally expect to find here. We apologise for this inconvenience, which has been entirely out of our control.


You will find detailed information on this website under the various menu items. From September 2012, schools are no longer required to produce a school Prospectus. You can download a full copy of our last prospectus from the Related Documents sidebar on the left.

The most important thing though, is that if you have any further questions you contact the school and ask, as we are always happy to provide further detail and explanations regarding the school and pupils' education here.



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