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All admissions have to be made via the Local Authority - The Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead (RBWM).

We are always pleased to welcome prospective parents and their children in to school and the Headteacher will show you what we have to offer and answer your questions. Tours of the school are held regularly, so please contact the school office if you would like to visit.

RBWM Admissions Procedures

Children are admitted to Courthouse Junior School in the September following their seventh birthday.

All admissions within the Borough, whether they are for a place in September or ‘in-year’ are dealt with by a central admission team at the Town Hall. They coordinate admissions, through a single application process, sharing of information and, at the end of the process, send a single letter offering a place.

The demand for places at Royal Borough schools means that the LA must operate admissions criteria to ensure the allocation of places is fair, objective and for the benefit of all children.

If your child has a Statement of Special Educational Needs or an Educational Health Care Plan, and requests a particular school, they are required to be admitted to that named school.

For all other applicants the following criteria will then be applied; they are set out in descending order of priority:

1) Children who are looked after (in the care of the Local Authority).

2) Children whose home address is in the area served by the school.

3) Children who have brothers or sisters still attending the school when the applicant would enter the school*. In the case of infant and junior schools, attendance of an elder sibling at either the infant or junior school qualifies as a sibling for the partner school**.

4) Children who attend an infant school that is formally linked with the junior school**.

5) Children whose parents have any other reason for their choice.

* Brothers or sisters: this includes a half, step, adopted or fostered child permanently living in the same family unit.

** Alwyn Infant School is linked in this way to Courthouse Junior.


Chronic Health Condition

We admit children with chronic health conditions ranging from severe allergies, asthma, and epilepsy to more life threatening problems. Once a place has been offered, please make contact with the school as early as possible if your child has any long term health condition so that an appropriate care plan can be put in place. Please be aware that their starting date at school may be delayed if we’re not given enough time to put this care plan in place

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

We endeavour to treat and teach each pupil equally. In the case of a child with SEN or a disability, e.g. visual or hearing impairment, ASD, ADHD, it is essential that the Headteacher is informed as early as possible in order that any arrangements needed to provide appropriate support can be in place on school entry. This support may range from a class teacher receiving advice from an expert in the field, to substantial one-to-one help in the classroom.

Contact the school office to arrange to meet the Headteacher, Assistant Headteacher or SENDCO who will willingly discuss how the school may be able to meet the child’s needs.

If parents/carers have any queries in relation to Special Educational Needs or Disabilities, they can contact the Children and Young People Disability Service on 01628 685878 or email

All school applications are made through the RBWM (Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead) Admissions Department 01628 798888 or 01628 683870.