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Using our website

RSS Feed

You may subscribe to our site through an RSS feed and have all the latest additions and changes sent direct to your RSS viewer, e.g. Google or Internet Explorer. Never miss an update, where ever on the site it is located.


You may also wish to contribute to any of our 'Blogs'  which appear from time to time relating to topics of interest, etc that we would like your feedback on.


You should be able to view our site on any Internet enabled device, such as a PC screen, laptop, netbook or Smartphone. See below for details of how this works.

You can also listen to any page using ReadSpeaker. For an explanation of how to do this view the page devoted to Listening to our website.

If, as a parent of a pupil attending this school, you require a paper copy of the information on this website, we shall provide this free of charge.


Hopefully, the navigation bar at the top of the screen is easy to understand. It stays there at the top so you can always choose another section.

When you open a main menu, the related pages are shown in the side bar to the left. On a small screen, such as a smartphone, the menu operates in a slightly different way - you will be presented with a drop down box of choices and the other boxes will be at the bottom, after the main content.

Explore the top menu items to get the feel of where things are. The search field (top right on a PC) allows you to find a specific item on our site - do keep your search term as simple as possible, e.g. if you want information about after school clubs, just try typing in the word club to see what results you get. Too many words in the search will generate lots of unnecessary pages.

Each page has the Diary and News sections, to keep you up-to-date. An announcement bar can be turned on and will show you anything that we feel is urgent or important. Related Documents for any particular page will be found in a separate box in the side bar, from which they can be viewed and downloaded. As we archive pages each academic year, a box will appear to show any archived pages for that section of the website.

Go to the News and Events section for the latest news, as well as published Newsletters and to access the blogs.

Visit the Parents/Other info and letters section for other useful documents. This section is updated every time we send home letters or refer parents to specific items. This means you can stay well informed and always have access to letters that require your attention, such as permission slips for school trips.

Go to the Pupils section to view news and photos etc of events as they occur in the current academic year. This section is archived at the end of the year and the pages from previous years can be accessed from the left side bar.