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We recognise the importance of  Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE), and this is reflected in the topics we study at Courthouse. The nature of many areas is such that it makes sense to tackle them as part of other subjects. They are also discussed as part of whole school assemblies, 'Circle time' in classes and when particular issues crop up.

We have embarked upon a new scheme for PSHE this year, JIGSAW PSHE, which is an integrated approach to a range of topics and encompasses the material known previously as SEAL (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning). All classes have a PHSE lesson on Friday afternoons.

We take especial care to maintain a high profile stance against bullying and prejudice. The photograph below is of the prominant Bullying Board. We train Peer Mediators and Year 3 Buddies. These groups have weekly meetings with their mentors (one teacher and one teaching assistant) to maintain the quality of this service and are very dedicated to their role (they are proud to have their own room within the admin block).

PSHE also encompasses  'Sex & RElationship Education' (SRE) and the Powerpoint presentation given to parents is available as a pdf from the side bar. This sets out the rationalle for SRE and explains how we approach the topic at Courthouse. Please contact your child's class teacher or the Head Teacher if you wish to discuss this. The SRE unit is part of 'Changes', which takes place during the second half of the summer term.