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"Every Child Flourishing"
Art examples 1 Clarice Cliff too Yet more Clarice Cliff Painting in the style of Lowry Clarice Cliff again Lowry / Masks Clarice Cliff inspired artwork Art examples 2 More Clarice Cliff inspired work

Art & Design

Our curriculum intent for art is that every child will:

  • Develop their knowledge and skills to experiment, invent and create own works of art, crafts and design.
  • Have a good knowledge of subject specific vocabulary.
  • Know about great artists, craft makers and designers and understand the historical and cultural development of their art forms
  • Know and understand how art and design reflect and shape our history and contribute to culture, creativity and wealth of our nation.


Children are encouraged to take the knowledge and experiences of the world that they have gained from the rest of the curriculum and develop these through art. The art curriculum is carefully crafted so that children are able to build on ideas and knowledge they have previously learnt in other areas. All children are given the oppurtunity to record their creative and imaginative ideas using a variety of art mediums.